Sunday, 28 January 2018



The Italian Sunday is now open again with monthly meetings. Because it is winter I thought we will make snowmen. However the reality is that although we had about 20-30 cm snow during the week, as the weekend came it was all gone! So we decided that we make melted snowmen...

Italian Sundays is an event organised in cooperation with the Italian Association in Finland CIRCOLO ITALIANO and with Luckan LILLA LUCKAN(Helsinki). The event aim at giving the opportunity to Italian families (or to whoever interested in Italian language and culture)to meet in a friendly and entertaining environment. The main language is Italian, but everybody is welcome. The event is mainly addressed to family with children and it is open for everybody for free. During the event is possible to take part in activities such as art workshop and traditional games, which I direct. 

NEXT APPOINTMENTS: 8.4, 6.5,3.6.2018 (11.30-14.00) at Lilla Luckan (Helsinki)

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