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FM Antonella Perna
Rome: 16.06.1978
050 5750456 –

- Education

2005-                   University of Turku (Finland). Faculty of Humanities, Art History. Doctoral     Candidate. 120/240 credits.
13.–17.12.2004   Library science studies. SBN’s RICA/ISBD compilers course. Università di Roma La Sapienza (Italy).
2003-2004          University di RomaTre (Italy). Department of Education Science. Postgraduate degree: Communication and Education in Museums. 60 Credits.
1997-2003           Università di Viterbo (Italy), Faculty of Conservazione dei Beni Culturali. Master degree: Art History (major). Final thesis: Il Sicofoil di Carla Accardi. 110 e lode/110.

- Work experience

12.02.2017–                  The Italian Association in Finland, Helsinki. Board member.
01.01.2010–                  Freelance in the field of culture and art: Italian art history and language    teacher, travel and museum guide, translator (Finnish–Italian and English–Italian), museum pedagogical material developer, art workshop instructor.
01.09.2015–                  Italian language teacher, private lessons.
10.09.–17.12.2017        Luckan, Helsinki. Italian Sundays. Art workshop for children.
28.09.–14.12.2017        The Italian Association in Finland, Helsinki. Giocar pittando, art workshop for children.
11.06.2017                    The Italian Association in Finland, Helsinki. Guide (Ainola Museum).
23.04.2017                    The Italian Association in Finland, Helsinki. Guide (Kirpilä Museum).
04.01.2017                    The Italian Association in Finland, Helsinki. Guide (Ateneum Museum, Modigliani exhibition).
30.04.2017                    Pilke Daycare Merikatti, Espoo.
01.08.2007–                  Helsinki Summer University, Helsinki. Courses on Italian language, culture and history (Summers).
08.09.–15.12.2015        The Italian Association in Finland, Helsinki. Art workshop for babies.
03.–10.04.2014             Ars Mondo oy, Helsinki. Translation Finnish–Italian.
10.09. – 19.08.2013      Ars Mondo oy, Helsinki. Translation English–Italian.
20.09.2012                    Vichi club oy, Espoo. Guide (Emma Museum, Futurism exhibition).
11.12.2010 – 
15.1.2011                      Ars Mondo oy, Helsinki. Guide and language workshop (Ateneum museum, Pieraccini’s collection exhibition).
12.09.2012                    Studia training oy. Italian language examiner.
31.12.2010                    University of Turku. Researcher.
01.05. – 31.05.2008      Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museo. Exhibition project and application for Turku 2011 European culture capital.
03.03.–30.6.2008          Università di Roma La Sapienza, Dipartimento di Storia dell´arte, Rome. Assistant to the Modern Art History professorship.
09.09.2007 – 
20.04.2008                   Meet in Art oy, Rome. Coordinator of the international art exhibition project Sconfinamenti, 8.2.–20.4.2008. In cooperation with Università di Roma La Sapienza, University of Helsinki, and exhibited artists.
01.04. – 30.04.2007      Museo Didrichsen, Espoo. Translation revision.
01.09.2006 – 
10.04.2007                    Meet in Art oy, Rooma. Coordinator of the international art exhibition project Baltico-Mediterraneo. Italia e Finlandia a confronto, 23.–10.4.2007. In cooperation with The Castel Sant´Angelo Museum, Università di Roma La Sapienza, University of Helsinki, Ateneum Museum, Taidekoti Kirpilä Museum, and Amos Anderson Museum.
20.09.2005–4.4.2006    Italian Culture Institute, Helsinki. Italian language, history, and culture teacher. In cooperation with the University of Helsinki.
01.07.–31.08.2003        Italian Culture Institute, Helsinki. Curator of the enquiry on the presence and influence of Italian art in Finland.
01.02.–31.03.2003        Aici oy, Rome. Coordinator of the international art exhibition project Changing Ireland, Museo di Roma in Trastevere.
2000–2005                    Aici oy, Rome. Cultural contents manager (conferences, exhibition, travel and museum guides, and summer camps).


01.02.2005     MACRO Museo di arte contemporanea di Roma. Museum educator (guide, translator, pedagogical material designer, and exhibition stager).
31.05.2004      Italian Culture Institute in Finland, Helsinki. Assistant for Art and Cultural contents and events.
28.02.2004          GNAM Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Roma. Museum guide and assistant librarian.
03.08.2003        Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum, Turku. Museum educator (guide, translator, pedagogical material designer, and exhibition stager).
2001-2002     Università di Viterbo. Apprentiship at the Laboratory for Diagnostic and     Restoring of Art.
05. – 
23.07.1999       Università di Roma La Sapienza, Archaeological excavation in Pompei (casa VII,9,47).

- Grants

2017                 Turku University Foundation. Scholarship.
2012                 University of Turku. Scholarship.
2011                 Turku University Foundation. Scholarship.
2009                 Finnish Cultural Foundation. Scholarship.
2008                 DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service.
2008                 Finnish Cultural Foundation. Scholarship.
2007                 Finnish Cultural Foundation. Scholarship.
2006                 Turku University Foundation. Travelling grant.
2005                 CIMO - Government Scholarship Board.

- Languages

Italian: mother tongue.
English: very good  (oral and written competence).
Finnish: good (oral and written competence).
Spanish: fair (oral and written competence).
Swedish: beginner.

- Memberships

The Society for Art History in Finland.
The Finnish Association for Museum Education Pedaali.
The Italian Association in Finland.

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