Thursday, 28 September 2017



We have fun making easy and funny crafts, while speaking Italian. The group consists of children between 2 and 6 years old. Clearly their skills are very different. Therefore I propose a few alternatives to them. Children between 2 and 3 prefer experiencing art in a sensorial way and therefore I leave them experience and play more freely with materials. Some 3 old are very passionate already about drawing and cutting, and gluing (especially if glitter). So abilities in this age range are very individual.

This course's them is A U T U M N.  I also made a thematic music compilation to accompany the workshops. Usually I give them the chance to move/dance around before starting and while waiting that everybody arrives. It is a good entertainment and helps to let energy in excess and being able to better focus on the activity itself. Sometimes, if the environment is quite, I leave the music on in the background. The music playlist is in Italian and remains the same for several sections.

The Italian language is not essential to participating in the workshop, but is a natural part of it. Also children that are not fluent in Italian can learn simple words like colours and materials, while the lyrics of the songs become more and more familiar.

During the FIRST workshop, we used a load of free material: autumn leaves. We turned them into funny faces (glitter glue and pon pons). Leaves, once collected, need some washing and to dry completely before handling. We also made hedgehogs. I prepared a template on paper board so that the children could easily draw the outline. The leaves became the hedgehogs spikes and we finished its nose with paint, glitter glue, and other soft material.

The creative workshops GIOCAR PITTANDO are organised in cooperation with the Italian Association in Finland CIRCOLO DEGLI ITALIANI IN FINLANDIA

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