Sunday, 10 September 2017


This Autumn I also work as a coordinator and instructor of a series of events in cooperation with the Italian Association in Finland and Luckan. We organise a monthly open café for families. The main spoken language is Italian - hence a great opportunity for bilingual children - but is open for everyone.

We gather to get to know new friends and to have fun making crafts and eating a snack together. During the first meeting we turned boring toilet paper rolls into monsters colouring them and decorating with strass, feathers, and pon pons!

And on our second meeting we celebrated Halloween making scary pumpkins out of paper plates.

Last time we were very hungry and therefore we made pizza. Red paint as tomato sauce and paper cuts as other ingredients (we had mushrooms, olives, salami, and basil leaves - somebody even wanted some pineapples on it). The most popular was pizza margherita, which has the same colours than the Italian flag!

This event is organised in cooperation with the Italian Association in Finland CIRCOLO ITALIANO and with Luckan LILLA LUCKAN.

Italian sundays, 10.9 / 8.10 / 19.11 / 17.12, at 11:30-14:00
On Italian Sundays parents and children can participate in activities in an Italian speaking environment. Every Sunday will have its own content directed by an instructor and the specific program is published on The café is free of charge and you can attend without signing up in advance. The cafe is organised in cooperation with the Italian association in Finland. If you have any questions about the Italian Sunday, feel free to email Antonella Perna,

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