Saturday, 3 March 2018


These two workshops were organised in cooperation with Circolo degli italiani in Finlandia ( and Lilla Luckan ( within the frame of the children festival Barnfesten, culture without barriers. The event was very interesting because it meant to break barriers at many levels. The festival was organised in cooperation among several associationS operating in Swedish, the other (and in minority) official language of Finland. One of the primary goals of the event was offering the possibility to experience Swedish language to natives and others alike. Moreover the event was organised keeping in mind disabled people, not only in the sense of breaking physical and infrastructural barriers, but also as empathic experience for the others. The majority could experience the minorities in several ways.

@ BARNFESTEN (video)

The Pizza and Ice-cream workshops were presented in Italian, Swedish, and English....and of course everybody agrees...they taste good!


Paper plates became pizzas. Children could choose and add the toppings of their choice. It came out a nice collage.


The other best known Italian delicacy: ice cream. I made a paper board ice-cream cone and ice-cream balls in different colours. Children could choose the flavour matching it with the colour balls (and make it more explicit writing or drawing the flavour).

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