Thursday, 14 December 2017


This Autumn has been very colourful. We played with materials and colours. The children embraced my ideas with enthusiasm and in many cases they developed them further with their own sparkle of creativity. I decided to end this workshops series with a more open approach. 

Following the inspiration from HervĂ© Tullet (La fabbrica dei colori) I invited the children to seat around the table. On the table was lying a large sheet of paper covered with smaller sheets (cut from a wall-paper roll) and on each station I placed a container with paint. Each container contained a different colour. I then invited the children to paint a point and change seat; then to paint a circle and change. Then at every change I asked the children to paint points on, above, and inside the circles. In the end I asked them to raise the brush up and let it fall on the paper. They finished the "flowers" with leaves and stems as they pleased. 

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