Tuesday, 3 April 2018



The creative workshop for children (age 3-6) continues in 2018. The event is organised in cooperation with Circolo degli italiani in Finlandia (circoloitaliano.fi) and is held in Italian. 

The first workshops of the year have been focusing on the winter theme and snow. Employed materials: wall paper, sellotape, glue, tempera colours, shaving foam.

1 During the first workshop we made snow-stars.

here we are making snow stars

2 Then we made a snow storm of shaving foam and tempera colours. This activity was particularly rewarding from the sensorial point of view: spaying the foam, mixing the colours, and "splashing" it on the paper.

The snow storm

3 Then we made snowmen. I used different techniques. The first time we experimented more on the shaving foam and this time we added glue. This means that the foam won't fall apart once dry leaving only a trace of colour behind (as in the snowstorm), but it will stay keeping a chubby feeling / relief (soft and three-dimensional). We also used cotton to give a stronger winter atmosphere (and diverse sensorial feeling).

4 This was the time for the snowman puppets. Children could choose if drawing their puppet out of my model (body, hat, arms, nose) or making it from scratch. Then they were free to decorate it as they liked and to add colour (many wanted their snowman to be white). 

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