Monday, 4 December 2017


We had a family trip to Dubai to break the darkness of the Finnish Autumn. It was a good idea and we had a great fun. Dubai is not the prime cultural destination, but we were happy to see how our children immersed themselves into a such a different culture and country. They were a brainstorm of questions the whole of the time and we were pleased to answer and to give them the chance to experience so much novelties. We made experience of all the musts of the place and I got passionate in taking panorama pictures.

Dubai - the beach along the Walk at the Marina. In the sea the aqua park that my 6 years old bravely experienced and renamed Ninjas' Splash Pad.

Lego Fun Park - Miniland showing the main landmarks of the Arabic Peninsula. Burj Khalifa re-built using 439.000 lego bricks. 

An occasional real Dinosaur fossil by the Dubai Mall

Global Village - no matter how kitsch ant touristic it might look like, it is something very popular among locals.

Lolly lops factory - it came at hand when my daughter began fuzzing around a big lolly reward.

Abu Dhabi kayak trip in the magroves 

The desert

Oasis in the desert

the scam carpet we almost bought

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